Show Results

November 3, 2012 - ABKC Nationals 2012, Weight Pull, Dallas, TX -
(Judge: )

Most WP Whole show: T.J. Hernandez
Most WP P4P 75 under Coopers TSK Kingtut Struts
Most WP P4P 76 over Beauvais Pithouse Punisher

0-35 pounds 1st - Bring It On's Rizzo
0-35 pounds 2nd - Bring It On's Mod Dude
0-35 pounds 3rd

46-55 pounds 1st Fonveille's A & N Stuff of Legends Boogieman
46-55 pounds 2nd LGK's Simone
46-55 pounds 3rd

66-75 pounds 1st Cooper's TSK Kingtut Strut
66-75 pounds 2nd Fort Blue's Mordeci
66-75 pounds 3rd

76-85 pounds 1st Pit House Punisher
76-85 pounds 2nd Tanks Bullet Head
76-85 pounds 3rd Trackstar's Manila Gorilla

86-95 pounds 1st Henandez's T.J.
86-95 pounds 2nd The Pit Houses RG's Primo
86-95 pounds 3rd Redgators Busa

106-115 pounds 1st Cooper's TSK Big blu donkey
106-115 pounds 2nd
106-115 pounds 3rd


0-35 pounds 1st Bring It On's Clean Up Woman
0-35 pounds 2nd
0-35 pounds 3rd

56-65 pounds 1st Beauvais' Teflon
56-65 pounds 2nd
56-65 pounds 3rd

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