Show Results

April 16, 2011 - Florida Spring Fling Bully BBQ, Show 2, Jacksonville, FL -
(Judge: John Easterly)

Best of Breed: CH Lunar's Gatekeeper
Grand Champion: N/A
Champion: CH Lunar's Gatekeeper
Reserve Champion: CH Nitro
Best of Winners: Flame
Best of Standard: Flame
Best of Pocket: Hope
Best of Extreme: Punk
Best of Classic: Crazy Bones

Best Male Standard: Flame
Reserve: Rhino
Best Female Standard: Rage
Reserve: Promethazine

6-9 Months Puppy Female: Southern Star
2nd: Vixen
9-12 Months Puppy Female: Trill Pits Rage
2nd: Diamond
1-2 Junior Female: Promethazine
2nd: Pjuicy Couture
2-3 Adult Female: Extacy
3-up Senior Female: Destiny
2nd: Sexy Lil Thing

6-9 Months Puppy Male: Nightmare
2nd: Cain
9-12 Months Puppy Male: Chopper
2nd: Tank
1-2 Junior Male: Ari Gold
2nd: Prophecy
2-3 Adult Male: Flame
2nd: Rick Ross
3-up Senior Male: Rhino
2nd: Dragon

Best Male Pocket: Billy the Kid
Reserve: Sugar Daddy
Best Female Pocket: Hope
Reserve: Jessie Mae

1-2 Junior Female: Jessie Mae
2nd: Princess
2-3 Adult Female: Raticoat
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Female: Hope

1-2 Junior Male: Billy the Kid
2nd: Tyson
2-3 Adult Male: Sugar Daddy
2nd: Ro-J
3-up Senior Male: N/A

Best Male Extreme: Punk
Reserve: Ace
Best Female Extreme: Sage
Reserve: N/A

1-2 Junior Female: N/A
2-3 Adult Female: N/A
3-up Senior Female: Sage

1-2 Junior Male: Ace
2nd: N/A
2-3 Adult Male: N/A
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Male: Punk
2nd: N/A

Best Male Classic: Crazy Bones
Reserve: Chunky Monkey
Best Female Classic: Blue Nightmare
Reserve: Heffer

1-2 Junior Female: Blue Nightmare
2nd: Tiny
2-3 Adult Female: Heffer
2nd: Bella
3-up Senior Female: Jade
2nd: N/A

1-2 Junior Male: Crazy Bones
2nd: Billings Tyson
2-3 Adult Male: Chunky Monkey
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Male: Buster Brown
2nd: Frank the Tank
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