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November 6, 2010 - Hawaii Bully BBQ -
(Judge: Ricardo Martinez)

Best of Breed: HRK Tank
Grand Champion: NONE
Champion: Brickyard Bullies
Reserve Champion: CH. Highrollers Island Girl Terra
Best of Winners: None

Best of Standard (20 pts) HRK Tank
Best of Pocket (20 pts) Highrollers Island Girl
Best of Extreme (20 pts) Mikeland’s Kilo

Standard Best Male: (20 pts) HRK Tank
Reserve Best Male: Highrollers Mr. Shine
Best Female Standard (20 pts) Suarez Xena of Kingsline
Reserve Best Female: Hunny

6-9 Months Puppy Female (10pts)
1st : Bullseye Lady Top Gun
2nd: HRK Candy
9-12 Months Puppy Female (10pts)
1st : Storm
2nd: HRK Island Girl Shazei
1-2 Junior Female (10pts)
1st : Hunny
2nd: NONE
2-3 Adult Female (10pts)
1st : Suarez Xena of Kingsline
2nd: Highrollers Raja
3-up Senior Female: NONE

6-9 Months Puppy Male (10pts)
1st: Kamakazi’s Show Stoppah
2nd: Trhygger Happy
9-12 Months Puppy Male (10pts)
1st : Highrollers Mr. Shine
2nd: Blaze
1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st : Kaluna Naeole
2nd: Silvas’ Bigbully’s Fiah Boy
2-3 Adult Male (10pts)
1st :HRK Tank
2nd: NONE
3-up Senior Male (10pts)
1st : Kuu Maka
2nd: Bow Wow Diesel

Pocket Best Male Pocket (20 pts) Creep N Knock Out
Reserve Best Male: Bully Industry’s Shogun
Best Female Pocket (20 pts): Highrollers Island Girl Pua
Reserve Best Female: NONE

1-2 Junior Female (10pts)
1st : Highrollers Island Girl Pua
2nd: Crown on the Rocks
2-3 Adult Female: NONE

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st: Bully Industry’s Shogun
2nd: See no evil bullys blueberry kush
2-3 Adult Male (10pts)
1st : Creep N Knock Out
2nd: Boomer
3-up Senior Male: NONE

XL – None

Extreme Best Male EX (20 pts) Mikeland’s Kilo
Reserve Best Male: Koa
Best Female EX (20 pts) NONE

Females: NONE

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st : Mikeland’s Kilo
2nd: Trainwrecks/808 MIK C2 headache
2-3 Adult Male: NONE
3-up Senior Male (10pts)
1st : 705 Koa
2nd: NONE

Classic Best Male (20 pts) #726 Five-O Hustle and Flow
Reserve Best Male: Phatta Bu

Females: None

1-2 Junior Male (20 pts):
1st Phatta Bu
2-3 Adult Male (20 pts): NONE
3-up Senior Male (20 pts)
1st: Five-O Hustle and Flow
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