Judges & Reps

All judges and representatives are
independent contractors and not
employees of the ABKC.


Name: Ron Ramos – Senior Judge
Contact: 559-307-2049
Email: mramos2612@aol.com
Location: Northern California

Name: Rolando Mata – Senior Judge
Contact: 404-819-6332
Email: rolando.mata@ymail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Susan Fedorsha – Senior Judge
Contact: 480-334-4441
Email: canyonpits@gmail.com
Location: Arizona

Name: Kino Arroyos
Contact: 479-283-1402
Email: blacklabelbully@aol.com
Location: Arkansas

Name: Mo Barrow
Contact: 910-824-0917
Email: barrowsbluebullies@gmail.com
Location: North Carolina

Name: Errol Bodden
Contact: 504-905-6538
Email: hardbodybullies@yahoo.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Pam Carter
Contact: 208-686-1480
Email: gaff49@aol.com
Location: Idaho

Name: John Certeza
Contact: 707-639-2814
email: wcbjohn@gmail.com
Location: Northern California

Name: Vanessa Cuevas
Contact: 619-318-4201
Email: v.cuevas@cox.net
Location: Southern California

Name: Derrick Dennis
Contact: 803-479-3553
Email: bullyxtraordinaire2@gmail.com
Location: Columbia, SC

Name: Pete Diaz
Contact: 808-465-5695
Email: cpnhawaii@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: James Feltus
Contact: 702-768-4286
Email: FeltusPreReg@gmail.com
Location: Nevada, Utah, Idaho

Name: Jorge Gomez
Contact: 863-243-9864
Email: ironbearkennel@yahoo.com
Location: South Florida

Name: Jason Griggs
Contact: 443-253-7512
Email: xtrabully@gmail.com
Location: Maryland

Name: Rebecca Harris
Contact: 916-519-9039
email: caligirl8789@att.net
Location: Northern California

Name: Terry Huntley
Contact: 864-404-8518
Email: doinguskennels@gmail.com
Location: South Carolina

Name: Tavoris Ingram
Contact: 772-985-2006
Email: tomahawkkennels@hotmail.com
Location: Florida

Name: Robert Lee
Contact: 760-521-2426
Email: thebullymarket@yahoo.com
Location: California

Name: Ty Lumley
Contact: 570-418-0706
Email: Lumley_t@yahoo.com
Location: Kansas

Name: Lou Manipon
Contact: 757-513-8319
Email: Lmanipon@gmail.com
Location: Philippines/VA

Name: Ricardo Del Real Martinez
Contact: 661-265-5432
Email: delrealtesting@hotmail.com
Location: California

Name: Cindy McCloskey-Johnson
Contact: 219-484-3094
Email: masterpkennels@gmail.com
Location: Texas

Name: Ty Nguyen
Contact: 703-898-6111
Email: GrumpysEdge703@yahoo.com
Location: MD/DC/VA

Name: Racheal Ogletree
Contact: 770-883-4732
Email: racheal@atlantakennel.net
Location: Georgia

Name: Stacia Ohira
Contact: 808-778-0220
Email: abkcjudge@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: Erica Reimer
Contact: 619-581-4668
Email: e.reimer83@gmail.com
Location: Colorado

Name: Lori Richardson
Contact: 870-295-0087
Email: diamondstatebullies@gmail.com
Location: Arkansas

Name: John Roneker
Contact: 716-603-4665
Email: nickelcitypits@aol.com
Location: Buffalo, New York

Name: Cassidee Santos
Contact: 805-797-3213
Location: Southern California/Hawaii

Name: Melissa Scheigert
Contact: 772-985-4366
Email: melissas6700@yahoo.com
Location: Florida

Name: Rodrigo Silva
Contact: 678-558-5581
Email: rodrigoabkcjudge@hotmail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Jessie Splunge
Contact: 614-301-8943
Email: makavelipits@gmail.com
Location: Ohio

Name: John Sweet
Contact: 785-713-1689
Email: jmsweet13@gmail.com
Location: Kansas

Name: Ernest Tagle
Contact: 210-965-1447
Email: grchblueonyx@gmail.com
Location: Texas

Name: Anthony Villareal
Contact: 714-453-7343
Email: immortalkennels@yahoo.com
Location: Southern California

Name: Patrick Volpe
Contact: 410-793-6847
Email: anchorgbmd@aol.com
Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland

Name: Rowdy Yates
Contact: 478-471-7857
Email: rowdy4412@aol.com
Location: Georgia


Name: Sergio Dufort – International Senior Judge, Europe
Contact: + 0034 654 695 894
Email: truebloodbulls@hotmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: John Enerva – International Senior Judge, Asia
Contact: +639178015893
Email: mrduskblood@gmail.com
Location: Pangasinan, Philippines

Name: Felix Betancourt, DVM
Contact: +3336 737767
Email: felixisaias@hotmail.com
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Name: Alejandro Cassaglia
Contact: +5411-4209-6595
Email: perrero_2001@yahoo.com.ar
Location: Buenos Aires, Aregentina

Name: Angel De Zayas Caliz
Contact: 0034-603163946
Email: info@americanbullys.es
Location: Spain

Name: Roberto Guzman
Contact: 6861 49 55 51 ID 152*109427*2
Email: mexicalibullyz@gmail.com
Location: Mexicali BC, Mexico

Name: William Ogren Nunez
Email: williamogren@hotmail.com
Location: Madrid, Spain

Name: Jane Paton
Contact: +44 7708 602306
Email: roguekennelsuk@yahoo.com
Location: England UK

Raffaele Colace
Contact: +39 3332116930
Email: raffaelecolace@libero.it
Location: Naples, Italy

Paul Byrne
Contact: +447487775093
Email: Paulbyrne311@icloud.com
Location: Scotland

Aldo Israel Paredes Garcia
Contact: 01 55 66049518 or 01 55 39078842
Email: aldo2606@hotmail.com
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Pablo Daniel Liceran
Contact: +5411-4571-4033
Email: elmalevo_ar@hotmail.com
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina


Name: Patrick Augustus
Contact: 808-216-4961
Email: HawaiisStrongestDog@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: Scott Brown
Contact: 814-233-9983
Email: ppapbta@aol.com
Location: Pennsylvania

Name: Oliver Dela Cruz
Contact: 951-398-9307
Email: jdcruz@yahoo.com
Location: California

Name: Chris Diaz
Contact: 386-235-8281
Email: dragonre2@yahoo.com
Location: Florida

Name: Robert Halford – Apprentice
Contact: 254-654-2688
Email: redgatorkennels@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Tammy Mattson
Contact: 512-632-9747
Email: rivercityweightpullclub@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Connie Powell
Contact: 309-335-2951
Email: lpcp99@frontiernet.net
Location: Illinois

Name: Steven Smith
Contact: 615-692-2771
Email: grayghostknls@yahoo.com
Location: Tennessee


Name: Regina Goins – Senior Rep
Contact: 269-462-0430
Email: hometeambullyz@gmail.com
Location: Michigan

Name: Yolanda Alexander
Contact: 405-430-6404
Email: yolandaa0284@gmail.com
Location: Oklahoma

Name: Decinda Allen
Contact: 559-799-7289
Email: decinda1@gmail.com
Location: California

Name: Pearlina Bodden
Contact: 510-435-7945
Email: PearlinaBodden@gmail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Yvette Carrillo
Contact: 760-403-2106
Email: reinahobpits@gmail.com
Location: California

Name: Robb Corn
Contact: 706-851-5993
Email: Robb30513@yahoo.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Kirk Fedorsha
Contact: 602-689-7405
Email: canyonpitsaz@cox.net
Location: Arizona

Name: Carmen Ferreira
Contact: 631-384-0853
Email: getchaonekennels@hotmail.com
Location: New York

Name: Kimberly Garcia
Contact: 520-424-8943
Email: popeyekennels@yahoo.com
Location: Arizona

Name: Mayleen Garcia
Contact: 787-702-6060
Email: MayleenGM@Gmail.com
Location: Puerto Rico

Name: Melica Graber
Contact: 864-404-6119
Email: abkcrepmelica@gmail.com
Location: South Carolina

Name: Candace Hamrick
Contact: 702-768-4714
Email: ABKCrepCandace@gmail.com
Location: Nevada, Utah & Idaho

Name: Kanani Kama
Contact: 808-840-9609
Email: kanani.kama@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: Corry Key
Contact: 479-567-6454
Email: corry_dvm@yahoo.com
Location: Arkansas

Name:Luis Lopez
Contact: 909-251-8186
Email: kaozbullies@yahoo.com
Location: Southern California

Name: Courtney Mata
Contact: 757-630-8899
Email: abkcrepsouth@gmail.com
Location: Atlanta, GA

Name: Rai McDermott
Contact: 270-275-0001
Email: tailrace@bellsouth.net
Location: Kentucky

Name: Jillian Nicolini
Contact: 727-871-5880
Email: rockabillyfrenchies@yahoo.com
Location: Florida

Name: Latoya Pitts Richardson
Contact: 856-283-9391
Email: Latoya7283@aol.com
Location: New Jersey

Name: Melodie Scott
Contact: 931-624-1780
Email: melodie@kw.com
Location: Tennessee

Name: Stefani Sloan
Contact: 469-865-5260
Email: stevieslo@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Kailani Timmons
Contact: 808-954-5412
Email: rottnbull1@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii


Name:Mauricio Campás
Contact: +5491156297766 / 011 4210 4116
Email: rucayagua@gmail.com
Location: Argentina

Name: Chris Castro
Contact: 671-788-4954
Email: bobhkennels@gmail.com
Location: Guam

Name: Elena Clemente
Contact: (+34) 660 151 156
Email: elena.abkc@gmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Bostan Dumitru
Contact: +393804673051
Email: bdgbully@yahoo.it
Location: Valeggio su Mincio, VR, Italy

Name: Henry Susilo
Contact: (+)6281 666 000 8
Email: henrysusilo88@ymail.com
Location: Indonesia

Name: Mauricio Amano (Registrations Only)
Contact: Japan (+81) 90-8471-7066 – Brazil (55) 11-89706-8419
Email: abkcjapan@hotmail.com
Email: abkcbrasil@outlook.com.br
Location: Japan & Brazil

Name: Roberto Guzman
Contact: 6861 49 55 51 ID 152*109427*2
Email: mexicalibullyz@gmail.com
Location: Mexicali BC, Mexico

Name: Guillermo Vergara
Contact: 045 33 119 47 708 ID.62×10×13516
Email: abkcmexico@hotmail.com
Location: Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

Name: Vin Sablan
Contact: 1-670-285-5194
Email: vin.sablan@gmail.com
Location: Saipan

Name: Sergio Dufort del la Fuente
Contact: 608898883
Email: bullyclubspain@hotmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Sevcan Basak Kas (Registrations)
Contact: +905393963174
Email: Razzialowne@gmail.com
Location: Turkey

Name: Nguyen Quoc Chinh
Contact: (+84) 91 91 91 911
Email: nguyenchinhquoc@yahoo.com
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name: John Paul F. Enerva (Registrations Only)
Contact: +639178015893
Email: mrduskblood@gmail.com
Location: Pangasinan, Philipinnes

Name: Ivan Miron
Contact: +34636707107
Email: deepsoulkennel@gmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Rodrigo Jimenez (Registrations Only)
Contact: (0981)622-014
Email: rodrigo_t4r@hotmail.com
Location: Paraguay

Name: Afsana Roy (Registration Only)
Contact: 01191-9779131477
Email: afsana.b.roy@gmail.com
Location: India

Name: Carlos Wilson
Contact: 671-486-1593
Email: wbkwilsonbullykennel@yahoo.com
Location: Guam

Name: Polo Xavier Pasquel Rubio (Registration Only)
Contact: +593992626496
Email: geneticbullskennels@hotmail.com
Location: Ecuador

Name: Ju Jung (Show Organizer Only)
Contact: +628111886193
Email: jujung@saung-grenvil.com
Location: Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Bebe Halim (Show Organizer Only)
Contact: +6282168193333
Email: Bebehalim@gmail.com
Location: Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Bai Nan (Show Organizer Only)
Contact: 13581997731
Email: bainan0701@gmail.com
Location: China

Name: Maria Teresa Valadez Aburto(Registrations Only)
Contact: 5542773896
Email: joselyn_1908@hotmail.com
Location: Mexico

Name: Edwin Arnoldo Vargas Parra (Registrations Only)
Contact: 573186664363
Email: Location: Colombia