Judges, Reps & Mentors

All judges and representatives are
independent contractors and not
employees of the ABKC.


Name: Devyn Garner
Hello, Devyn Garner here! although I’m only 22 myself I’ve been showing for a few years now and have plenty of ch’s and GrCh’s under my belt with GrCh Bowser being my personal dog. I’m always willing to help people learn! if I can help in any way just let me know!
Contact: Facebook or text/call 765-465-5519
Email: karmabullykennel@gmail.com
Location: Illinois

Name: Christopher “Bully the Kid” Bennett
I’ve been around and participating in dog showing for 15 years, having titled and shown 3 breeds to their grand champion titles in multiple registries. I’ve won over 80 Best in Shows in my career, 100′s of Best of Breed wins, Best of Breed honors at ABKC Nationals in the Shorty Bull class, as well as campaigned the Number 1 Shorty Bull in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Outside of the show ring I have emceed 100′s of ABKC events and I have hosted 20 ABKC events over the past 6 years.
Email: christopherjames10@gmail.com
Location: Atlanta

Name: Gianni Murciano
I entered the APBT world as studious from 1997 to 2004, year in which I started my project under the LONGHORN KENNEL name. The one in Europe to preserve and evolve old bloodlines such as Camelot, Peterson and Amberlite. Since 2004 I am Director of pedigrees database in the oldest and 30 yrs old APBT association in Italy named PBS. I created a well known and identified type of dog that people recognize as Red Bulldog, giving life to 2 divisions from Slovenia to Finland. Since 2011 I own and train a few number of purple color American Bullies starting a private project to promote a new vision of sporting and big boned dogs. Nowadays I am the main point for hundreds of people who enter the dog world and want to learn more of the past. Since 2012 I was nominated President of Elite Edge in Italy for a better and clean vision of the breed.
Contact: +393808300070
Email: lordjohan@live.it
Website: www.longhornkennel.eu
Location: Italy

Name: Marcus Jose
Hello Bully Community, I am Marcus Jose. It is with great gratitude to be part of the ABKC mentor program. I have been showing exclusively for the ABKC since 2013. It has been a personal journey of learning and growth these past years. Whether you just bought your first dog or to the experienced breeder/handler, I am here to share experiences, advice, and recommendations in topics like training, diets, and breed structure. I am a strong advocate for functional, healthy, well temperament, and structurally sound dogs. I am also an advocate of the community aspect of our bully breed. Discussions and the sharing of ideas and visions of the bully breed is something I look forward to doing with all of you. I hold weekly live Q & A sessions on IG (plus you get to meet all my bullies) and I am available through DMs and texts. Say “hi” and let’s talk bully!
Contact: instragram.com/smokinbarrelbullies_ca
Tele: (209)423-2052
Email: mrcsjose22@gmail.com
Location: California


Name: Rolando Mata – Director of Training and Development
Contact: 404-819-6332
Email: rolando.mata@ymail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Susan Fedorsha – Director of Organizational Development
Contact: 480-334-4441
Email: canyonpits@gmail.com
Location: Arizona

Name: Derrick Dennis – Senior Judge
Contact: 803-605-1965
Email: bullyxtraordinaire2@gmail.com
Location: Columbia, SC

Name: Racheal Ogletree – Senior Judge
Contact: 770-883-4732
Email: racheal@atlantakennel.net
Location: Georgia

Name: Anthony Villareal – Senior Judge
Contact: 714-453-7343
Email: immortalkennels@yahoo.com
Location: Southern California

Name: James Aba
Contact: 630-765-2136
Email: james99aba@gmail.com
Location: Illinois

Name: Luis Altamirano
Contact: 623-499-8150
Email: l.altamirano93f@gmail.com
Location: Arizona

Name: Kino Arroyos
Contact: 479-283-1402
Email: blacklabelbully@aol.com
Location: Arkansas

Name: Errol Bodden
Contact: 504-905-6538
Email: hardbodybullies@yahoo.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Pam Carter
Contact: 208-686-1480
Email: gaff49@aol.com
Location: Idaho

Name: John Certeza
Contact: 707-639-2814
email: wcbjohn@gmail.com
Location: Northern California

Name: Vanessa Cuevas
Contact: 619-318-4201
Email: v.cuevas@cox.net
Location: Southern California

Name: Pete Diaz
Contact: 808-465-5695
Email: cpnhawaii@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: James Feltus
Contact: 702-768-4286
Email: FeltusPreReg@gmail.com
Location: Nevada, Utah, Idaho

Name: Brooke Geren
Contact: 501-605-6601
Email: bdkssweetdemeanor@hotmail.com
Location: Arkansas

Name: Rebecca Harris
Contact: 916-519-9039
email: caligirl8789@att.net
Location: Northern California

Name: Terry Huntley
Contact: 864-404-8518
Email: doinguskennels@gmail.com
Location: South Carolina

Name: Tavoris Ingram
Contact: 772-985-2006
Email: tomahawkkennels@hotmail.com
Location: Florida

Name: Ty Lumley
Contact: 570-418-0706
Email: Lumley_t@yahoo.com
Location: Kansas

Name: Lou Manipon
Contact: 757-513-8319
Email: Lmanipon@gmail.com
Location: Philippines/VA

Name: Barbara Marin
Contact: 760-403-0445
Email: marinpits79@charter.net
Location: California

Name: Lynn Martin
Contact: 951-245-5145
Email: saecasper@aol.com
Location: California

Name: Ricardo Del Real Martinez
Contact: 661-265-5432
Email: delrealtesting@hotmail.com
Location: California

Name: Ryan McCawley
Contact: 682-556-8969
Email: smokinbarrelbullies@gmail.com
Location: Texas

Name: Cindy McCloskey-Johnson
Contact: 219-484-3094
Email: masterpkennels@gmail.com
Location: Texas

Name: Deanna Ohly
Contact: 619-746-4354
Email: deannaohly@gmail.com
Location: California

Name: Lori Richardson
Contact: 870-295-0087
Email: diamondstatebullies@gmail.com
Location: Arkansas

Name: John Roneker
Contact: 716-603-4665
Email: nickelcitypits@aol.com
Location: Buffalo, New York

Name: DinaMarie Sanchez
Contact: 503-330-3935
Email: tiltedhalo13@gmail.com
Location: Washington

Name: Melissa Scheigert
Contact: 772-985-4366
Email: melissas6700@yahoo.com
Location: Florida

Name: Rodrigo Silva
Contact: 678-558-5581
Email: rodrigoabkcjudge@hotmail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Jessie Splunge
Contact: 614-301-8943
Email: makavelipits@gmail.com
Location: Ohio

Name: Ernest Tagle
Contact: 210-965-1447
Email: grchblueonyx@gmail.com
Location: Texas

Name: Patrick Volpe
Contact: 410-793-6847
Email: anchorgbmd@aol.com
Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland

Name: Janet Williams
Contact: 541-218-5429
Email: moose7072@yahoo.com
Location: Oregon


Name: Sergio Dufort – International Senior Judge, Europe
Contact: + 0034 654 695 894
Email: truebloodbulls@hotmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Paul Byrne – International Senior Judge
Contact: +447487775093
Email: Paulbyrne311@icloud.com
Location: Scotland

Name: John Enerva – International Senior Judge, Asia
Contact: +639178015893
Email: mrduskblood@gmail.com
Location: Pangasinan, Philippines

Name: Pablo Daniel Liceran – International Senior Judge, South America
Contact: +5411-4571-4033
Email: elmalevo_ar@hotmail.com
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

Name: Jane Paton – International Senior Judge, Europe
Contact: +44 7708 602306
Email: roguekennelsuk@yahoo.com
Location: England UK

Name: Felix Betancourt, DVM
Contact: +3336 737767
Email: felixisaias@hotmail.com
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Name: Angel De Zayas Caliz
Contact: 0034-603163946
Email: info@americanbullys.es
Location: Spain

Name: Mauricio Campás
Contact: +5491156297766 / 011 4210 4116
Email: rucayagua@gmail.com
Location: Argentina

Name: Roberto Guzman
Contact: 6861 49 55 51 ID 152*109427*2
Email: mexicalibullyz@gmail.com
Location: Mexicali BC, Mexico

Name: William Ogren Nunez
Email: williamogren@hotmail.com
Location: Madrid, Spain

Name: Raffaele Colace
Contact: +39 3332116930
Email: raffaelecolace@libero.it
Location: Naples, Italy

Name: Aldo Israel Paredes Garcia
Contact: 01 55 66049518 or 01 55 39078842
Email: aldo2606@hotmail.com
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Name: Jonnathan Lugo Carbajal
Contact: +573162376639
Email: zoobullsyzoogranja@gmail.com
Location: Cartagena-Colombia

Name: Hilda Guillermina Morel
Contact: +54 9 3704 683345
Email: elarca_vet@hotmail.com
Location: Argentina

Name: Damir Markov
Contact: +38162225490
Email: skywalkeramstaff@gmail.com
Location: Serbia


Name: Patrick Augustus
Contact: 808-216-4961
Email: HawaiisStrongestDog@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: Scott Brown
Contact: 814-233-9983
Email: ppapbta@aol.com
Location: Pennsylvania

Name: Oliver Dela Cruz
Contact: 951-398-9307
Email: jdcruz@yahoo.com
Location: California

Name: Chris Diaz
Contact: 386-235-8281
Email: dragonre2@yahoo.com
Location: Florida

Name: Robert Halford – Apprentice
Contact: 254-654-2688
Email: redgatorkennels@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Tammy Mattson
Contact: 512-632-9747
Email: rivercityweightpullclub@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Connie Powell
Contact: 309-335-2951
Email: lpcp99@frontiernet.net
Location: Illinois

Name: Steven Smith
Contact: 615-692-2771
Email: grayghostknls@yahoo.com
Location: Tennessee


Name: Regina Goins – Senior Rep
Contact: 269-462-0430
Email: hometeambullyz@gmail.com
Location: Michigan

Name: Decinda Allen
Contact: 559-799-7289
Email: decinda1@gmail.com
Location: California

Name: Pearlina Bodden
Contact: 510-435-7945
Email: PearlinaBodden@gmail.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Yvette Carrillo
Contact: 760-403-2106
Email: reinahobpits@gmail.com
Location: California

Name: Robb Corn
Contact: 706-851-5993
Email: Robb30513@yahoo.com
Location: Georgia

Name: Kirk Fedorsha
Contact: 602-689-7405
Email: canyonpitsaz@cox.net
Location: Arizona

Name: Kimberly Garcia
Contact: 520-424-8943
Email: popeyekennels@yahoo.com
Location: Arizona

Name: Mayleen Garcia
Contact: 787-702-6060
Email: MayleenGM@Gmail.com
Location: Puerto Rico

Name: Melica Graber
Contact: 864-404-6119
Email: abkcrepmelica@gmail.com
Location: South Carolina

Name: Candace Hamrick
Contact: 702-768-4714
Email: ABKCrepCandace@gmail.com
Location: Nevada, Utah & Idaho

Name: Kanani Kama
Contact: 808-840-9609
Email: kanani.kama@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii

Name: Corry Key
Contact: 479-567-6454
Email: corry_dvm@yahoo.com
Location: Arkansas

Name:Luis Lopez
Contact: 909-251-8186
Email: kaozbullies@yahoo.com
Location: Southern California

Name: Courtney Mata
Contact: 757-630-8899
Email: abkcrepsouth@gmail.com
Location: Atlanta, GA

Name: Rai McDermott
Contact: 270-275-0001
Email: tailrace@bellsouth.net
Location: Kentucky

Name: Latoya Pitts Richardson
Contact: 856-283-9391
Email: Latoya7283@aol.com
Location: New Jersey

Name: Melodie Scott
Contact: 931-624-1780
Email: melodie@kw.com
Location: Tennessee

Name: Stefani Sloan
Contact: 469-865-5260
Email: stevieslo@yahoo.com
Location: Texas

Name: Kailani Timmons
Contact: 808-954-5412
Email: rottnbull1@gmail.com
Location: Hawaii


Name: Bostan Dumitru, Senior Rep Europe
Contact: +393804673051
Email: bdgbully@yahoo.it
Location: Valeggio su Mincio, VR, Italy

Name:Mauricio Campás
Contact: +5491156297766 / 011 4210 4116
Email: rucayagua@gmail.com
Location: Argentina

Name: Chris Castro
Contact: 671-788-4954
Email: bobhkennels@gmail.com
Location: Guam

Name: Elena Clemente
Contact: (+34) 660 151 156
Email: elena.abkc@gmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Chiappetta Cristian
Contact: +393495091533
Email: cry8230@hotmail.it
Location: Alessandria, Italy

Name: Simona Poli
Contact: +393332655831
Email: simonabullys@gmail.com
Location: CAPANNORI, Italy

Name: Henry Susilo
Contact: (+)6281 666 000 8
Email: henrysusilo88@ymail.com
Location: Indonesia

Name: Mauricio Amano (Registrations Only)
Contact: Japan (+81) 90-8471-7066 – Brazil (55) 11-89706-8419
Email: abkcjapan@hotmail.com
Email: abkcbrasil@outlook.com.br
Location: Japan & Brazil

Name: Roberto Guzman
Contact: 6861 49 55 51 ID 152*109427*2
Email: mexicalibullyz@gmail.com
Location: Mexicali BC, Mexico

Name: Guillermo Vergara
Contact: 045 33 119 47 708 ID.62×10×13516
Email: abkcmexico@hotmail.com
Location: Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

Name: Vin Sablan
Contact: 1-670-285-5194
Email: vin.sablan@gmail.com
Location: Saipan

Name: Sergio Dufort del la Fuente
Contact: 608898883
Email: bullyclubspain@hotmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Sevcan Basak Kas (Registrations)
Contact: +905393963174
Email: Razzialowne@gmail.com
Location: Turkey

Name: Nguyen Quoc Chinh
Contact: (+84) 91 91 91 911
Email: nguyenchinhquoc@yahoo.com
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name: John Paul F. Enerva (Registrations Only)
Contact: +639178015893
Email: mrduskblood@gmail.com
Location: Pangasinan, Philipinnes

Name: Ivan Miron
Contact: +34636707107
Email: deepsoulkennel@gmail.com
Location: Spain

Name: Rodrigo Jimenez (Registrations Only)
Contact: (0981)622-014
Email: rodrigo_t4r@hotmail.com
Location: Paraguay

Name: Afsana Roy (Registration Only)
Contact: 01191-9779131477
Email: afsana.b.roy@gmail.com
Location: India

Name: Carlos Wilson
Contact: 671-486-1593
Email: wbkwilsonbullykennel@yahoo.com
Location: Guam

Name: Polo Xavier Pasquel Rubio (Registration Only)
Contact: +593992626496
Email: geneticbullskennels@hotmail.com
Location: Ecuador

Name: Ju Jung (Show Organizer Only)
Contact: +628111886193
Email: jujung@saung-grenvil.com
Location: Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Bebe Halim (Show Organizer Only)
Contact: +6282168193333
Email: Bebehalim@gmail.com
Location: Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Okky Lie (Registrations Only)
Contact: (+62) 822 888 2252
Email: abkcindonesia@gmail.com
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Name: Bai Nan
Contact: +8613071159869
Location: China

Name: Maria Teresa Valadez Aburto(Registrations Only)
Contact: 5542773896
Email: joselyn_1908@hotmail.com
Location: Mexico

Name: Edwin Arnoldo Vargas Parra (Registrations Only)
Contact: 573186664363
Email: edwinvargas666@hotmail.com
Location: Colombia

Name: Silvana Silvero (Only Registration)
Contact: (0986) 224 939
Mail: abkcstrong.paraguay@gmail.com
Location: Paraguay

Suzette Turner (Registrations Only)
Contact: 04 5262 6771
Email: bullyfestaustralia@outlook.com
Location: Australia

Juan Sebastián Guamán Rojas(Registrations Only)
Contact: +573003197057
Email: jsebastiangr@gmail.com
Location: Quindio, Colombia

Murat Yakıcı (Registrations Only)
Contact: +90 553 278 37 60
Email: muratbopyakici33@gmail.com

David Armengol
Contact: +505 88643274
Email: edarmengol@gmail.com
Location: Nicaragua

Tiffany Kendal
Contact: +27 72 520 6354
Email: Tiffany.jabour@gmail.com
Location: South Africa

Name: Valdir Rosendo Junior (Registrations Only)
Contacts: +05521 (83) 3033 4454 or +05521 (83) 98892 9276
Email: valdirjrgravacoes@gmail.com
Location: Santa Rita – Paraíba, Brazil -Northeastern Region

Hugo Daniel Ferreira Fernandez (Registrations Only
Contact: 096 500 586
Email: Hdferreirafernandez@gmail.com
Location: Uruguay

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