Policy for Registering Flagged dogs and/or lines


1. Application/Registration form sent to ABKC with three photos from front and sides accompanied by a minimal three generation pedigree from approved registries. *Dogs must be at least 1 yr of age at time of application.

2. Evaluation by a senior judge which is optional by judge by photo, live, or video (preference being in person). If Senior Judge approves, then a letter of statement from the senior judge will be returned to the office. The office will forward the letter along with a copy of pedigree and pictures of the dog, possibly video, to the ABKC panel for further approval.

3. ABKC panel must review pedigree, pictures, possible video and statement from senior judge. If approved then all information will be forwarded to the ABKC office.

4. ABKC office, reviews all necessary information, some to require DNA testing. If approved then the dog will become ABKC registered.

*Dogs will not be allowed to show until all above criteria has been met and the ABKC has registered the dog.

*If the dogs do not meet the initial criteria for applying for inspection, the office will have the right to deny the application and refuse the process.