Show Results

April 23, 2011 - Vegas Bully Palooza , Show 1, Las Vegas, NV -
(Judge: Benny Chavez)

Best of Breed and Best in Show: Homies Lil Gangster
Grand Champion: N/A
Champion: World Famous Blu Face Lady Loc
Reserve Champion: Best of Winners: Homies Lil Gangster
Best of Standard: Homies Lil Gangster
Best of Pocket: Pittboss Jack White
Best of XL: Bulleyes Chyna Doll
Best of Extreme: Ultimate Blues Bodacious
Best of Classic: Zues

Best Male: Homies Lil Gangster
Reserve Best Male: Johnsons Motto Motto
Best Female Standard: Wheatlines Hell of DL
Reserve Best Female: Pittboss Bonnie

6-9 Months Puppy Female
1st: Hismans Lucy Lu of Miranda
2nd: Nova
9-12 Months Puppy Female
1st: Pittboss Tow Mater
2nd: World Famous Bluefires Blue
1-2 Junior Female
1st: Wheatlines Hell of DL
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Sideswipe's Diamond
2nd: Katai's Shakira of Gomezpits
3-up Senior Female
1st: Pittboss Bonnie

6-9 Months Puppy Male
1st: Mega Jackpot
2nd: 24k's Big Tuna of Mirada
9-12 Months Puppy Male
1st: Homies Lil Gangster
2nd: Gizmo
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Johnsons Motto Motto
2nd: Pittboss Paulie Pocket
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Pittboss Tank Destroyer
2nd: MBP Peter bulit
3-up Senior Male
1st: N/A
2nd: N/A

Best Male Pocket: Pittboss Jack White
Reserve Best Male: Pitboss Patron
Best Female Pocket: Toe 2 Toe Trauma
Reserve Best Female: Pittboss Sophia Luna

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Toe 2 Toe Trauma
2nd: Raina Low Low
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Pittboss Sophia Luna
2nd: Na Na
3-up Senior N/A

1-2 Junior Male
1st: El Lechero
2nd: Shonuff's Ocho Cinco of HK
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Pitboss Patron
3-up Senior Male
1st: Pittboss Jack WhiteXL

Best Male XL: Deboi
Reserve Best Male: N/A
Best Female XL: Bulleyes Chyna Doll
Reserve Best Female: Bella Diamond

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Bella Diamond
2-3 Adult Female N/A
3-up Senior Female
1st: Bulleyes Chyna Doll

1-2 Junior Male N/A
2-3 Adult Male N/A
3-up Senior Male
1st: Deboi
2nd: No Name

Best Male EX: Ultimate Blues Bodacious
Reserve Best Male: KC Gottiline King Capo
Best Female EX: N/A

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Ultimate Blues Bodacious
2-3 Adult Male
1st: KC Gottiline King Capo
3-up Senior Male

Best Male Classic: Zues
Reserve Best male: World Famous Ima Bust my fo fo
Best Female Classic: Cristel

1-2 Junior Female N/A
1st: Cristel

1-2 Junior Male
1st: World Famous Ima Bust my fo fo
2nd: World Famous Lil Goldie Loc
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Zues

BOB/BOW Gomez Bullyz Verura Salt
Best Male: Gomezbullyz Agusus Gloop
Best Female: Gomez Bullyz Verura Salt

6-9 Months Puppy male
1st: Gomezbullyz Agusus Gloop
9-12 Month Puppy Female
1st: Gomez Bullyz Verura Salt

BOB/BOW Reinares Bam Bam
Best Male: Reinares Bam Bam
Best Female: Gucci

2-3 Male
1st: Reinares Bam Bam

1-2 Female
1st: Gucci

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