Suspension/Ban Information


The ABKC makes every attempt to maintain an accurate and up to date “Suspension/Banned” list, and make sure that it is updated on a regular basis. Also, there may be lag time between disciplinary action and adding an individual to the list, and because mistakes and omissions can and do happen, ABKC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list. If an individual is in question, customers should call ABKC directly to obtain the most current and up to date information regarding that individual’s disciplinary status. ABKC will only confirm or deny a person’s disciplinary status and will not provide details on that person’s case.

The following is an updated list of individuals who have been suspended or banned until the date indicated. During the period of suspension or banning, a person who is suspended or banned is prohibited from the following:

1. Registering any dogs in their name (joint or individual ownership). Any dogs currently registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be transferred, except that no dog registered in their name, regardless of co-ownership status, may be transferred to any member of their family, spouse, or companion. Companion is defined as anyone who resides at the same address as the suspended individual.

2. Registering any litters and signing any litter registrations in any capacity. No dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be used for breeding and no offspring of such a dog is eligible for registration with the ABKC.

3. Entering or participating in any ABKC Sanctioned event, including, but not limited to: handling, back-up handling, vendor, or spectator.

4. No dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership) may be entered or participate in any way in any ABKC Sanctioned event.

5. Receiving any championship points or any wins toward a title for any dog registered in their name (joint or individual ownership). Any violation of the above stated or any other ABKC rule or policy during the time period in which the individual is banned or suspended will result in their being suspended indefinitely. ABKC has the right to revoke, refuse or terminate any paperwork or documentation at their own discretion.

Suspended/Banned & Notified – LIFE

Suspended/Banned & Notified – INDEFINITE

Blackburn, Cody
Blackburn, Jim
Greco, Kevin – Delinquent payment
Haina, Randy – Fraudulent Services & Delinquent Payment
Phillips, Devin – Fraudulent Services & Delinquent Payment
Trevino, Pete – Fraudulent Services & Delinquent Payment

Suspended Until Date Noted