Show Results


November 13, 2010 - ABKC 2nd Show – Atlanta, GA -
(Judge: John Easterly)

Best of Breed: RE Oohoopee River Blade
Grand Champion: RE Oohoopee River Blade
Champion: Double Takes No Jola of Mystical
Reserve Champion: Pratts Ooh-Rah of Semper Fi
Best of Winners: Classy
Best of Standard (20 pts) - Sexy Little Thing
Best of Pocket (20 pts) – Classy
Best of XL (20 pts) - Jammed Packed Nevy
Best of Extreme (20 pts) - SPP’s Dew Drop
Best Classic (20 pts) - Sassy of Mikia
Best 3-6 Month Male - Platinum line Til It’s Ova
Best 3-6 Month Female: N/A
Standard Best Male (20 pts) - Bluegrass’ Late Nite Mule Train
Reserve Best Male - Misterio-Geraldo Reyes
Best Female Standard (20 pts) - Sexy Little Thing- James Thao
Reserve Best Female - Harley

6-9 Months Puppy Female (10pts)
1st Semper Fi’s Esprit De Corps
2nd 215 Gottiline MGK Razzmia
9-12 Months Puppy Female (10pts)
1st CP’s Miss Chunky Chata Jasper
2nd Shakira
1-2 Junior Female (10pts)
1st XLK’s G.I. Jane
2nd Blueberry Metze
2-3 Adult Female (10pts) N/A
1st Harley
2nd Mafioso Bullies Milli
3-up Senior Female (10pts)
1st Sexy Little Thing

6-9 Months Puppy Male (10pts)
1st Conflict’s Sir Too Short
2nd Almighty White Boy
9-12 Months Puppy Male (10pts)
1st Azteca-Ruben Diaz
2nd Barman’s Desires to be a Stump
1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st Misterio
2nd Simba
2-3 Adult Male (10pts)
1st Barman’s Shorty Renegate Tank- David Barman
2nd NVC’s I got styles’ Tical
3-up Senior Male (10pts)
1st Bluegrass’ Late Nite Mule Train
2nd Huggins Steel Jaw Kennels Rhino
Best Male Pocket (20 pts) - Mystikal’s Playboys De Pachuco
Reserve Best Male - Tuff-Nufs Tadashi
Best Female Pocket (20 pts) – Classy
Reserve Best Female: Natural Born’s Blue Bell

1-2 Junior Female (10pts)
1st Classy
2nd Trill Pits Rocsi
2-3 Adult Female (10pts)
1st Natural Born’s Blue Bell
2nd REC’s Punks Raticoat
3-up Senior Female (10pts)
1st Train Wrecks Outlaws Molet
2nd No Love’s Gage 3000

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st El Centenario
2nd Mobetta’s J Rambo of Bully XTK
2-3 Adult Male (10pts)
1st Tuff-Nufs Tadashi
2nd N/A
3-up Senior Male (10pts)
1st Mystikal’s Playboys De Pachuco
2nd Night Times Trunks of Jesus Vega
Best Male XL (20 pts) – BG
Reserve Best Male - Pratts Trump Card
Best Female XL (20 pts) - Jammed Packed Nevy
Reserve Best Female - Branch Bella Donna

1-2 Junior Female (10pts)
1st Branch Bella Donna
2-3 Adult Female (10pts)
1st Jammed Packed Nevy
3-up Senior Female (10pts) N/A

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st Vito Top Dog’s Bigman V- Alisha Berry
2nd SRK/RKK/SKS Stump-Shane Wade Davis
2-3 Adult Male (10pts)
1st BG- Orwyn Allicock
2nd Blueville Big Show
3-up Senior Male (10pts)
1st Pratts Trump Card
2nd Rocksolid Bowman’s 44 Magnum
Best Male EX (20 pts) - SPP’s Dew Drop
Reserve Best Male - Mr. Revi
Best Female EX (20 pts) - Xplicits Pits Petrouzzi Zutadda
Reserve Best Female - Rosecity Lilly of Hall of Fame-Deon Belmon

1-2 Junior Females
1st Xplicits Pits Petrouzzi Zutadda
2nd Razen kane IEP’s White Russian
2-3 Adult Females N/A
3-up Senior Females
1st Rosecity Lilly of Hall of Fame
2nd Tipsy on Tequila-Michael Williams

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st Mr. Revi
2nd EPA’s Full AKA Lebron
2-3 Adult Males
1st SPP’s Dew Drop
2nd Deacon Blue Cyderblokk
3-up Adult Males
1st ribbon withheld
2nd Brick City Kennels Blackout

Best Male CLS (20 pts) - MAB/TLK Bullevard Doubletake
Reserve Best Male - Sure Shocks LBK’s Lil Nemo
Best Female CLS (20 pts) Sassy of Mikia
Reserve Best Female - HMop/WEK Georgia Peaches

1-2 Junior Females
1st Sassy of Mikia
2nd No Joke Pits 5 Star Chick
2-3 Adult Females
1st HMop/WEK Georgia Peaches
2nd IEP’s Lady of Destruction
3-up Senior Females
1st R&K Delilah of Homegrown\
2nd Northwoods Trimystic of Double C-Sherrie Culpepper

1-2 Junior Male (10pts)
1st Augustus Gustovo Spinson
2-3 Adult Males
1st MAB/TLK Bullevard Doubletake
2nd IEP’s Maximum Destruction
3-up Adult Males
1st Sure Shocks LBK’s Lil Nemo
2nd SJ’s Lil Flip