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May 10, 2010 - ABKC Shows -
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All dogs participating in ABKC conformation events, must be able to provide registering staff with proof of current vaccinations including rabies vaccination provided by veterinarian.

Hosting Shows

NEW *** Please review the new COVID-19 Response Plan prior to hosting or attending events. COVID-19 PLAN

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ABKC is not recommending booking or hosting events for the remainder of 2020. However, if the state rules allow events of 200+ then we will allow the event providing the protective guidelines are followed and met. In addition, we will not be enforcing our normal event distance rules for the remainder of 2020; the only rule that will be enforced regarding event distance is; no event can be in the same State the same weekend.

If your show is NOT posted you need to contact

Shows will not be posted until a $50.00 deposit to hold the date is paid and the entire show packet, to include judge and rep agreements, is received in the office. The $50 deposit is non refundable nor transferable if you cancel your event or change the date. The remaining fee must be paid 30 days prior to the event or the show will be taken off of the website.

Shows hosts reserve the right to refuse service/entrance at events they host.

Refunds for show fees will not be given if your show is canceled, we will give you credit to use for the next event that you book.

The ABKC is not liable for any funds that the show host collects prior to, during or after an event that is booked, even if the event is cancelled by the host.

All shows must have an ABKC Rep at the show.

All first-time show host are limited to two shows per event.

Europe and UK Shows – Shows hosted in same country must be two weeks apart. Shows hosted in different countries must be 1 week apart, unless they are over 3000 km then they can be held same day. No Europe or UK shows may be hosted 2 weeks prior to Euro Nationals.

All shows must have ALL paperwork and temp #s into office within 10 days. No exceptions-clubs will be suspended until the office approves.

Beginning July 1, 2015 all indoor events must have a carpet or carpet runners for the dogs in the ring.

Event results must be emailed to and official results mailed to the office within 10 days of the event.

Complete the application and send it in to the address listed on the form. NO FAXES

Show hosts must display one (1) 5′ x 10′ ABKC banner and two (2) 8 x 2 1/2′ ring banners at show. Size may vary by no more than one (1) foot.

Applications must be received 60 days prior to the show no later then 30 days. A 50.00 late fee is added for all paperwork turned in under 30 days.

You will receive an email confirmation if your application was approved or denied

Once approved you will need to email the show banner/flyer to

Show Banner/Flyer - Dogs must be ABKC registered or fit the standard to be on the ABKC show banner/flyer. Fun shows may not be advertised on the front of ABKC show banners/flyers, they may be advertised on the back or on a secondary banner/flyer.

We will post your show on our website once all documents are received

Host must start the show with the ABKC Sanctioned classes first

All Females show before Males



All dogs registering for the show must have an assigned ABKC #

Must provide the office with your insurance policy for your event

Breeds and Varieties:

American Bully:





American Bulldog-AB

English Bulldog-EB

Shorty Bull-SB

French Bulldog-FB

Olde English Bulldogge-OEB

Bull Terrier-BT

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – SBT

American Pitbull Terrier - APBT

American Staffordshire Terrier - AST

Minature Bull Terrier - MBT

Presa Canario - PC

Cane Corso - CC

Killian Bulldog - KB

Pacific Bulldog - PB

Dogue De Bordeaux - DDB

Pacific Bulldog - PB

Neapolitan Mastiff - NM

Boston Terrier - BST

Miniature Pinscher - MP

Tibetan Mastiff - TB

New Age Bulldog - NAB