Show Results


February 25, 2012 - Atomic Dogg Magazine 20th Anniversary, Show 1, (FB & SB) Orlando, FL -
(Judge: George Gomez)

Best in Show: Taz


Best of Breed : Taz
Grand Champion:GR CH Mc Hammer
Champion: Sideswipes CH Saki Bomb
Reserve Champion:CH Go Big's Billy The Kid
Best of Winners: Taz
Best of Standard: Bully Cartel's Juicy
Best of Pocket: Citylock's Lil Pun
Best of XL: Oaleuelos Heat
Best of Classic: Semper Fi's Zuko
Best of Extreme: Taz


Best Male Standard: Certified's Gibby
Reserve: Outcross' Ari Gold
Best Female Standard: Bully Cartel's Juicy
Reserve:BSB's Belle

6-9 Months Puppy Female:
1st: BSB's Belle
2nd: BSK's Diamond Girl
9-12 Months Puppy Female:
1st: OBB's Maybach
2nd: CVB's Paisley
1-2 Junior Female:
1st: Blackgold's Diva
2nd: Blkdymd's Cupcake
2-3 Adult Female:
1st: Bully Cartel's Juicy
2nd: Gold Label's Che Che Chang
3-up Senior Female:
1st: Lil Peanut
2nd: Lucky Lady Tiffany

6-9 Months Puppy Male:
1st: Hardknock's Conan
2nd: King Leviathon
9-12 Months Puppy Male:
1st: Certified's Gibby
2nd: Gold Label's Chipotle
1-2 Junior Male:
1st: PCB's Tuggboat
2nd: 863's Lil Chingo
2-3 Adult Male:
1st: Bully's Black Zoe
2nd: Cain
3-up Senior Male:
1st: Outcross' Ari Gold
2nd: Big Tyme's Primetime


Best Male Pocket: Citylock's Lil Pun
Reserve: BRB's Tyson
Best Female Pocket: Little Mama
Reserve: Buffy

1-2 Junior Female:Buffy
2nd: FBC's Thumper
2-3 Adult Female: Little Mama
2nd: X-factor's Tundra
3-up Senior Female: Dominion's Exquisite
2nd: Mikelands Marbles

1-2 Junior Male:
1st: Citylock's Lil Pun
2nd: WeeDoo's Baby Blue
2-3 Adult Male:
1st: Ironbear's Brains
2nd: Go Big's Lil Foot
3-up Senior Male:
1st: BRB's Tyson
2nd: N/A


Best Male XL: Oaleuelo's Heat
Reserve: Gamez' Big Hunk
Best Female XL: Flotowns Lexi

1-2 Junior Female:
1st: Flowtowns Lexi
2nd: N/A
2-3 Adult Female:N/A
3-up Senior Female: N/A

1-2 Junior Male:
1st: Gamez' Big Hunk
2nd: Titan
2-3 Adult Male:
1st: N/A
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Male:
1st: Oaleuelo Heat
2nd: Bowman's Bulldozer


Best Male Classic: Semper Fi's Zuko
Reserve: Bentley
Best Female Classic: Drama Queen
Reserve: Burchell's Gabriella

1-2 Junior Female:
1st: Blue Princess Kalea
2nd: n/a
2-3 Adult Female:
1st: Burchell's Gabriella
2nd: Bully Cartel's Princess
3-up Senior Female:
1st: Drama Queen
2nd: Stackhouse's Diva

1-2 Junior Male:
1st: Semper Fi's Zuko
2nd: Brown's Trooper
2-3 Adult Male:
1st: Bentley
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Male:
1st: El Negro Bembon
2nd: Buster Brown


Best Male Extreme: Taz
Reserve: Peach States Dirty Harry
Best Female Extreme: N/A
Reserve: N/A

Females: N/A

Male 1-2
1st: Tampa's Finest Hurtlocker
2nd: Slumdog Millionaire
Male 2-3
1st: Taz
2nd: X-Factor's Bucket
Male 3-up:
1st: Peach State's Dirty Harry
2nd: Ponce's Tiger


Best of Breed: Li-Sie's Butterboy
Best Female: N/A
Best Male: Li-Sie's Butterboy

Male 1-2yr
1st: Aramis the Hero
2nd: 727's Lunchbox
Male 2-3yr
1st: Li-Sie's Butterboy
2nd: N/A
Male 3yr +
1st: Sunhill's Vortex


Best of Breed: Tampa's Finest Shorty

Best male: Tampa's Finest Shorty
Male 1-2yr
1st: Tampa's Finest Shorty