Show Results


February 18, 2012 - Clash of the Bullies II, Show 2, Columbia, SC -
(Judge: Derrick Dennis)

Best of Breed:
Champion: MSB Beasto of the Bully Market
Reserve Champion: SCGLG- RAW’s Mr. Joker
Best of Winners: Pitts R Us Cassanova
Best of Standard: Pitts r Us Cassanova
Best of Pocket: Falong
Best of XL: Grey Goose
Best of Extreme: HBB’s Sir Bentley
Best of Classic: Bully Most Wanted Tank


Standard Best Male: Pitts R Us Cassanova
Reserve Best Male: Bees Bullies Lieutenant HawJ
Standard Best Female: ‘PR’ Razen Kane’s Trinity Rock
Reserve Best Female: Razen Kane’s The Matrix

6-9 Month Puppy Female
1st: Perry’s Starburst
2nd: Ms. Jackson
9-12 Month Puppy Female
1st: XLK’s/ Southern Raised Karissa
2nd: Michele’s Mystikal
1-2 Junior Female
1st: ‘PR’ Razen Kane’s Trinity Rock
2nd: Bowman’s Biloxi
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Scrap Iron’s Envy of All
2nd: Perry’s Ms. Hell Mary aka Tish
3-up Senior Female
1st: Razen Kane’s The Matrix
2nd: Gaza

6-9 Month Puppy Male
1st: Bee’s Bullies Lieutenant HawJ
2nd: OV Hotter than a Chili Pepper Flea
9-12 Month Puppy Male
1st: HBPK G-Train
2nd: Doing Us/ Midnight Mavauder
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Pitts R Us Cassanova
2nd: Mobetta’s Stone Cold of BABK
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Bentley
2nd: Trakas’ Big Boy Diesel
3-up Senior Male
1st: Scrap Irons re Capt. Crunch
2nd: TTK’s Onyx of Harris Kennels


Pocket Best Male: Falong
Reserve Best Male: Gooch-lands KGB Alcatraz
Pocket Best Female: Pittstop WBA “Radiows”
Reserve Best Female: Khaos’s She’s a Ryder

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Pittstop WBA “Radiows”
2nd: Pits-R-US Jennifer Hudson
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Khaos’s She’s a Ryder
2nd: Brown’s Cynda Block
3-up Senior Female
1st: SDSE’s Little Pebbles
2nd: Mikeland’s Fendi

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Falong
2nd: Fresh Kid Ice
2-3 Adult Male
1st: McBetta’s J. Rambo of Bully XTK
2nd: MHB Razoredge Rocco the Bull
3-up Senior Male
1st: Gooch-lands KGB Alcatraz
2nd: DPG/ MAKAVELI’S Mr. Carter Nino


XL Best Male: Grey Goose
Reserve Best Male: HBPK Much Mo Money
XL Best Female: Micky
Reserve Best Female: TMPBK Mia

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Micky
2nd: No Competition
2-3 Adult Female
1st: TMPBK Mia
2nd: May’s Oshi
3-up Senior Female
1st: No Competitors

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Grey Goose
2nd: HBPK Much Mo Money
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Hand’s Off Hart’s Guardian
2nd: Taz
3-up Senior Male
1st: DOSXX Titan
2nd: Creasy’s Powerhouse Trinidad


Extreme Best Male: HBB’s Sir Bentley
Reserve Best Male: Broadheads Remyington
EXTREME Best Female: 2 Face
Reserve Best Female: Harlem’s Lady Luck

1-2 Junior Female
1st: 2 Face
2nd: Brown’s Fabulous Moolah
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Armstrong’s Demi Moore
2nd: No Competition
3-up Senior Female
1st: Harlem’s Lady Luck
2nd: Harlem Kennels Don Diva

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Broadheads Remyington
2nd: Low Country’s Raindrop of BYB
2-3 Adult Male
1st: HBB’s Sir Bentley
2nd: Midwest Monsta’s P-Juice
3-up Senior Male
1st: Deacon Blue of Cynderblokk
2nd: Oliva’s Bull Boy Ukko

Classic Best Male: Bully Most Wanted Tank
Reserve Best Male: Elenbaas’ Brewtus
Classic Best Female: Kream of the Crop
Reserve Best Female: Red Hot n Nasti

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Red Hot n Nasti
2nd: NVK Leaves of Fall aka Autumn
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Sovereigns/ HCB Nite in Paris
2nd: Peach State Pitbull Blaze
3-up Senior Female
1st: Kream of the Crop
2nd: No Competition

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Bully Most Wanted Tank
2nd: Diman Rosco River Dr.
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Lee’s Deuce of Razor’s Edge
2nd: Kelly’s Greasy Axle
3-up Senior Male
1st: Elenbaas’ Brewtus
2nd: PR Adams Deuce’s WIld