Show Results


January 21, 2012 - Dallas Texas Bullorama, Show 1, Dallas, TX -
(Judge: Kari Lester)

Best of Breed: It Factor's Adrenaline Rush
Champion: Bowman's Izzy a Lil Man
Reserve Champion: Among All's Lil Sphinx
Best of Winners: It Factor's Adrenaline Rush
Best of Standard: It Factor's Adrenaline Rush
Best of Pocket: McMullen's Straight Sexy
Best of XL: Davison's Rockafella
Best of Extreme: Tovar's Boo-Boo
Best of Classic: Butler's Liberty


Standard Best Male: It Factor's Adrenaline Rush
Reserve Best Male: Bill's - Smasher Patron
Best Female Standard: Guzman Bullys Paquita
Reserve Best Female: Prang Blue Star

6-9 Months Puppy Female
1st: FHK's Baby J
2nd: LowerEdge Bullies/TSB's Cali Swag
9-12 Months Puppy Female
1st: Guzman Bullys Paquita
2nd: McMullen's Black Beauty
1-2 Junior Female
1st: Oliva's Twilight Zone
2nd: Black Gold Diva Juarez
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Prang Blue Star
2nd: McMullen's Too Damn Sexy
3-up Senior Female
1st: Nola
2nd: Razors Edge Gillette

6-9 Months Puppy Male
1st: Butler's Big Slick
2nd: Texas Hancock of TDKP
9-12 Months Puppy Male
1st: Doe
2nd: Woople
1-2 Junior Male
1st: It Factor's Adrenaline Rush
2nd: H2O aka Littlewater of TDKP
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Bills-Smasher Patron
2nd: Olivas Mr. Homocide
3-up Senior Male
1st: TXB's AOKI Shoon Kazushige
2nd: Bully Ink's Memo of Headstrong


Best Male Pocket: BDK's Bullet
Reserve Best Male: Daxline's Digg
Best Female Pocket: McMullen's Straight Sexy
Reserve Best Female: BLB Nations Sadey

1-2 Junior Female
1st: McMullen's Straight Sexy
2nd: TDK's Prada Girl
2-3 Adult Female
1st: BLB Nations Sadey
2nd: Concrete's BITK's Barrera's "Havoc"
3-up Senior Female
1st: Woods Shade O Black
2nd: N/A

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Daxline's Digg
2nd: MWM Crunk Juice Jr.
2-3 Adult Male
1st: BDK's Bullet
2nd: Renteria's Trotter
3-up Senior Male
1st: Vallejo's Wee-Man
2nd: N/A


Best Male XL: Davison's Rockafella
Reserve Best Male: Saviour's Marvelous Power Mr. P
Best Female XL: Dockin's Boy Soulja Girl
Reserve Best Female: Legacy of 479 Pocket Bully

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Fort Blue's Sweet Shadie
2nd: Black Fatacy
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Dockin's Boy Soulja Girl
2nd: Dead Man's La Patrona
3-up Senior Female
1st: Legacy of 479 Pocket Bully
2nd: Bringem Out Bullies Vikkivale

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Boss
2nd: Blue Blood Bulliez Dually
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Saviour's Marvelous Power Mr. P
2nd: Wood's Rockstar
3-up Senior Male
1st: Davison's Rockafella
2nd: Fort Blue's Arm-n-Arms


Best Male EX: Tovar's Boo-Boo
Reserve Best Male: Magoo's Astron
Best Female EX: Thugline TCK Sherry
Reserve Best Female: GSB Arianny of Taipan Bullies

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Tovar's Boo-Boo
2nd: Flatland 830 Dre
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Magoo's Astron
2nd: Midwest Monstas P Juice
3-up Senior Male
1st: Squad Mafia Champ/TMBP Champ
2nd: Blue Burban's Texas Wrecks

1-2 Junior Females
1st: GSB Arianny of Taipan Bullies
2nd: N/A
2-3 Adult Females
1st: Thug Line TCK Sherry
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Females
1st: Kimera
2nd: Squad Ups Diamond Girl


Best Male Classic: NBC's Dewitt’s Meatball McLuvn
Reserve Best Male: SRBPitz Notorious Big Dog
Best Female Classic: Butler's Liberty
Reserve Best Female: Vallejo's Sierra

1-2 Junior Female
1st: Niki Minaj of TDKP
2nd: Kika Seng
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Butler's Liberty
2nd: Dolo's She's a Diva
3-up Senior Female
1st: Vallejo's Sierra
2nd: N/A

1-2 Junior Male
1st: Rick James
2nd: Bowman's Dilo Low Debo
2-3 Adult Male
1st: SRBPitz Notorious Big Dog
2nd: Lil Mo's Blue Demon Guiseppe
3-up Senior Male
1st: NCB'S Dewitt's Meatball McLuvn
2nd: Joel Pena