Show Results


November 12, 2011 - Dirty South Bully Bash, Show 1, Conroe, TX -
(Judge: Mello Hernandez)

Best of Breed: Patron
Grand Champion: GR CH Hoffa
Champion: CH Blue Tri Brogan
Reserve Champion: CH Saki Bomb
Best of Winners:Patron
Best of Standard: Patron
Best of Pocket: Gizzmo The Mogwai
Best of XL: La Patrona
Best of Classic: BBK'S Top Gun
Best of Extreme: T2S Nasty Girl


Best Male Standard: Patron
Reserve:Lil Diablo
Best Female Standard: Red Ruby
Reserve:BBK's Miss Chevious

6-9 Months Puppy Female: Black Diamond
2nd: Shortcut Shamu
9-12 Months Puppy Female: Red Ruby
2nd: Tx Made Smuckers
1-2 Junior Female: BBK's Miss Chevious
2nd: Tx Etreme's Shakira
2-3 Adult Female: Blue Star
2nd: Chaumont's Harlow
3-up Senior Female: Triple D's Karma
2nd: Get Em Boy's Bonita

6-9 Months Puppy Male: Mikelands Otis B Driftwood
2nd:MLB El Kadete
9-12 Months Puppy Male:Madd Hatta
2nd: Mikelands Kilo
1-2 Junior Male: Lil Diablo
2nd: Tanklines Bull Dozer
2-3 Adult Male: Patron
2nd:Pretty Boy
3-up Senior Male: Black Vidor
2nd:Kala Shnikov


Best Male Pocket: Gizzmo The Mogwai
Reserve: Mr Lucciano
Best Female Pocket:Okedoke's Deliemma
Reserve: Lil Miss Mia

1-2 Junior Female:Okedoke's Deliemma
2nd: Lil Miss Mia
2-3 Adult Female: N/A
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Female:N/A

1-2 Junior Male: Gizzmo The Mogwai
2nd: Southern Biskett
2-3 Adult Male: Mr Lucciano
2nd: Btwisted Metals Deebo
3-up Senior Male: N/A


Best Male XL: South Bay Gotti Sureno
Reserve:Branch's DeeBoo
Best Female XL:Deadman's La Patrona
Reserve:Fitch's Sassy

1-2 Junior Female: N/A
2-3 Adult Female:Deadman's La Patrona
2nd: Floyd's Cookies N Cream
3-up Senior Female: Fitch's Sassy

1-2 Junior Male: Branch's DeeBoo
2nd: Blue Blood Dually
2-3 Adult Male: LP Sledge
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Male: South Bay Gotti Sureno
2nd: N/A


Best Male Classic: BBK's Top Gun
Reserve:Pithouse's Punisher
Best Female Classic: Nikki Minaj
Reserve: Vallejos Sierra

1-2 Junior Female:Nikki Minaj
2nd: Revenge
2-3 Adult Female: Vallejo's Sierra
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Female: Sassy Blue Girl
2nd: N/A

1-2 Junior Male: BBK's Top Gun
2nd:Stuff Of Legends
2-3 Adult Male: Pithouse's Punisher
2nd: Mercy
3-up Senior Male: Savoy's Black Jack

Best Male Extreme:T2S Grew Up A Screw Up
Best Female Extreme: T2S Nasty Girl
Reserve: Frenchy

Female 1-2 1st: Frenchy
2nd: Jwoww of Taipan
Female 2-3 1st: T2S Nasty Girl
2nd N/A

Male 1-2 1st: Cottonmouth
2nd: Brujo
Male 2-3 1st: T2S Grew Up A Screw Up
2nd: Yung Money
Male 3-up: Squeezer
2nd: N/A