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February 25, 2012 - Eukanuba Feed the Breed, Weight Pull, AZ -
(Judge: Oliver Dela Cruz)

Most WP whole show: O.G. Rampage 3600lbs
Most WP P4P 75lbs-under MALE: Polo 2600lbs 36.11%
Most WP P4P 75lbs-under FEMALE: Chiquis 1850lbs 28.46%
Most WP P4P 76lbs-over MALE: Hulk 3100lbs 35.22%

Champions and Above:

Most WP P4P 95lbs-under MALE: Sandman 2350lbs 37.9%

Regular Weight Pull Classes:

46-55 pounds-
1st 46-55 pounds-Boss Hoggin
66-75 pounds-
1st 66-75 pounds-Polo
76-85 pounds-
1st 76-85 pounds-Future
86-95 pounds-
1st 86-95 pounds-Carlito
2nd 86-95 pounds-Hulk
3rd -Goliath
106-115 pounds-
1st 106-115 pounds-Harley
116 and over-
1st 116 and over-O.G. Rampage
2nd 116 and over-Super X

56-65 pounds-
1st 56-65 pounds-Chiquis

Champion and above Weight Pull Classes

95 pounds under-
1st 95 pounds under-Sandman