Show Results


February 26, 2011 - Louisiana Bayou Bully Classic, Show 2 -
(Judge: Kari Lester)

Best of Breed- Bullymades Clydesdale of A1
Grand Champion N/A
Champion - Carolina Blue Pits Kitana
Best of Winners – Bullymades Clydesdale of A1
Best of Standard – Bully Inc’s. Memo of Headstrong
Best of Pocket – Bullymades Clydesdale of A1
Best of XL- Goons 2 Goblins Romulos
Best of Extreme – Mikelands Hercules
Reserved:Tanklines Dirty Tila
Best of Classic-Fabians Bullies Mr.Shakem Down

Best Male Standard: Bully’s Inc. Memo of Headstrong-
Best Female Standard: Rollo Tyme 2 Shynes

6-9 Months Puppy Female –
1: Mikelands Ether
2: Mikeland’s/Fitch’s Black Cloud
9-12 Months Puppy Female –
1: Mikeland’s Drama
2: Jazmine Miller
1-2 Junior Female –
1: Hoosier Bullies Isis of Dolo
2: Tanklines Dirty Girl Tila
2-3 Adult Female –
1-93`3 PR A1’s Midnight Breeze-Adam Smith & Brandi Lynn
3-up Senior Female –
1-Rollo Tyme 2 Shynes

6-9 Months Puppy Male –
1: Mikelands Renegade
2: Twysted Metals Big Poppa Pump
9-12 Months Puppy Male –1:Smash Tims Suspect
2: AIK’s Special Ed
1-2 Junior Male-:
1: True Tank Rome
2: Bomber
2-3 Adult Male –
1: MP’s 190’s Absolute Vodka
2: JNLHOB VooDoo Wright
3-up Senior Male –
Bully’s Inc. Memo of Headstrong

Best Male Pocket: Bullymade’s Clydesdale of A1
Best Female Pocket: South Style Garden Eden

1-2 Junior Females-
1: Double Stack
2: Gottilines Queen of Diamonds
2-3 Adult Male – Tri-City Mr. Hollywood
3-up Senior Male – Coldblues Rockslide

Best Male Xl- Goon’s 2 Goblins Romulos
Best female Xl- Gaspars/Fitch Sassy

1-2 Junior Female – N/A
2-3 Adult Female – Gaspars/Fitch Sassy
3-up Senior Female – N/A

1-2 Junior Male – Aik’s Purple Haze
2-3 Adult Male – Goon’s 2 Goblins Romulos
3-up Senior Male – Sumo

Best Male Extreme-1: Mikelands Hercules
Best Female Extreme – Tanklines Dirty Girl

1-2 Junior Female – Tanklines Dirty Girl-Tila
2-3 Adult Female – N/A
3-up Senior Female – N/A

1-2 Junior Male – N/A
2-3 Adult Male – 1: Mikeland’s Hercules
3-up Senior Male – N/A

Best Classic Male- Fabians Blue Bullies Mr Shakem Down
Best Classic Female- Bully Inc.’s Iced Bonita Chica

1-2 Junior Female – Dolo’s She’s a Diva
2-3 Adult Female – Classy Kennels Nola
3-up Senior Female – Bully Inc’s Iced Bonita Chica

1-2 Junior Male –N/A
2-3 Adult Male – Fabian’s Blue Bullies Mr.Shakem Down
3-up Senior Male – King Stone Taylor-Desmond