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April 7, 2012 - Spring Fling Bully Show, Weight Pull, Devore, CA -
(Judge: Oliver De La Cruz)

Most WP whole show: Rampage 4508lbs

Most WP whole show (female) Black Beauty 2480lbs

Most WP P4P 75lbs-under FEMALE: Fury 2000lbs 39.22%

Most WP P4P 76lbs-over MALE: Conan 3950lbs 42.02%

Regular Weight Pull Classes:

86-95 pounds-
1st place: Conan
116 and over-
1st 116 and over-Rampage

46-55 pounds-
1st 46-55 pounds-Fury
66-75 pounds-
1st 66-75 pounds-Black Beauty
76-85 pounds-
1st 76-85 pounds-Snooky