Show Results


July 26, 2014 - The Rise of the Bully Empire Show, Jr. Handlers, Show 2, Carlisle, PA -
(Judge: Patrick Volpe)


Best Junior Handler: Annalicia Fields
Reserve Best Junior Handler: Aliah Kowal

Half Pint (2-4 years)
Participant: Isaih Lofeield
Participant: Isaac Woodson
Participant: N/A

Limited (4-8 years)
1st: Chloe Peterson
2nd: Isaak Kowal
3rd: Nicholas Cinquino

Novice (8-13 years)
1st: Robert Jackson
2nd: Edward Souders
3rd: N/A

Open (8-13 years)
1st: Aliah Kowal
2nd: Vaughn Crews
3rd: Dae'zhaun Ross

Novice (13-18 years)
1st: Jydell Terry
2nd: No Comp
3rd: N/A

Open (13-18 years)
1st: Annalicia Fields
2nd: No Comp
3rd: N/A